I find myself frustrated at my inability to manipulate the topology of these flimsy pieces of cellulose in a way that matches the image in my mind. While I am able to produce a horrible parody of a shape I call a “gun”, and another that (I am quite proud to note) forms a self-supporting structure and that also bears some slight resemblance to a being known as a “penguin” that I have been able to observe at the menagerie some kilometers distant, located in the district known as Ueno, I find myself quite unable to imbue these forms with the essence of gun-ness or penguin-ness.

The educational programming provided me by the Progenitors (the beings in attendance being designated “Mama” and “Dada” for the female and male, respectively) has led me to believe that language holds some key to accessing the transformational properties of some — as yet unknown — universal energy or force in order to actualize the object I wish to create. In the benign form of brainwashing, deemed suitable for my current mental development, I have observed an anthropomorphic rodent utter “magic words” and transform the his dwelling into shapes suitable for vigorous and stimulating physical activity.

Indeed, the behavior of the Progenitors when I am able to model my vocal expressions on theirs — particularly when I utilize so-called “grown-up” words — reinforces the importance and power of language. Sadly, I have not yet unlocked the mysteries of its mythological transformation abilities, and instead must content myself with its more utilitarian properties, such as communicating my needs for obtaining suitable sustenance and tools.

I provide this record of my discarded attempts at creation in the hope that one day I may find my first abortive attempts useful in some way, and also so that I might provide a signpost upon the road of discovery for some future explorer of the enigmas of this strange world I find myself inhabiting.

This sad little pile of twisted forms rests for the moment among the detritus of the meal identified as “breakfast”, currently a demonstration of nothing more significant than my attempts to further the continuing development of my manipulating appendages to transform my environment.

Following the noon-time food intake period, I may take part in the application of colorants to various media. Considering the outburst of horror “mama” produced when I last attempted this activity and inadvertently daubed some pigments on a non-designated surface (i.e. the supporting surface, my garb, visage, and follicular extrusions) I believe I shall experiment with what kind of reactions result from the deliberate besmearing of various other objects and materials in my vicinity.

This should prove fascinating, even in the absence of any transformational properties such as I have observed in other indoctrination materials. One features an azure mottled canid who affixes her spoor — apparently utilizing a similar emulsion to the ones which will be provided me — to various objects in her environment. These “clues” are exceedingly obvious and the meaning of their combination easily derived, but what piques my curiosity is her ability to fold space and enter what should be two-dimensional spaces.

Regardless, “playtime” should prove exceedingly entertaining even in the absence of any progress in my physical research. I adjourn now to “take a nap” in preparation for the sociological experiment I wish to enact later. As a pre-slumber visualization exercise, I believe I shall calculate the necessary trajectories which I will use to decorate the ceiling.