Taking a Walk in Someone Else's Skin

This Game Is Forcing Some Players to Be Women, And They’re Freaking Out

From Motherboard:

It’s been several months since we wrote about how Steam survival hit Rust would soon be implementing a feature that randomly (and permanently) makes your character a man or a woman, and now that feature is here. Players have generally loved the way the game randomizes features for your permanent character like skin color, limb length, and (yes) penis size, but that was all back when every player avatar in the game was a male. With the latest update, though, everyone got a new model, and for some players, the possibility of playing as a woman is a little too much to bear…

Honestly, this is brilliant. I can’t think of a more fitting fate for some of the horribly sociopathic and misogynistic males, that unfortunately infest large areas of the gaming landscape, than to have to see things from a woman’s point of view.