Markdown Classic

Something else that came up in Twitter comments, that I didn’t address in my follow-up post about Markdown, was the question of tone in exchanges between Gruber and Atwood. Frankly, neither side comes out looking like they took the high road to my eyes, but Atwood’s supporters seem not to see his inherent disrespectful attitude toward Gruber, going back years. While Gruber can definitely be abrasive, in this case it appears to be a reaction to being pushed, not inherent jerkitude.

I’m glad to see that at least a few other people see it too, and that I’m not just imagining Atwood’s petulance.

Gabe Weatherhead at his blog, Macdrifter also weighed in on the new flavor of Markdown days before I did. I just read his piece today.

A few select quotes:

To attempt to replace some of the Markdown guidelines and call it “Standard” was juvenile.


It’s now called “Common Markdown”. The explanation does not seem to fit the sarcastic and childish comments posted on Twitter or in the project comments, but hey, the name is coming along nicely. Funny thing is that I think “Standard Flavor Markdown” was much less offensive and a safer bet.

and his second footnote:

Jeff’s own comment on the matter is rather childish.

So, there’s that. If I’m mistaken about Atwood’s attitude, at least I’ve got company.

(via Dr. Drang)