Trust Your Designer

… We understand that it’s hard sometimes to let go of the familiar. For instance, we recently had a client that was having a hard time letting go of their preconceived design expectations for their website. They were set on a particular color and typeface that didn’t necessarily appeal to their ideal audience. They were hesitant to allow “white space” (empty space for design purposes) on their website and were adamant about filling up every open spot with their company tagline.

This reminds me of a video I saw recently, featuring an engineer talking to business people. People who don’t know what they don’t know are particularly tiring to deal with. Very few people besides actual designers have any training in design, so nearly every conversation about design must feel a bit like that.

Part of hiring professionals is letting them do their jobs. Presumably, you’re hiring someone to do something you recognize you are unable to execute well, or in some cases at all. Believe me, anyone who isn’t laboring under a cognitive bias recognizes quality when they see it. They also can see when that Dunning–Kruger effect is in full effect by how their eyes bleed from the horrible appearance of a web page and the curses stream from their mouths after their sign-up password is rejected for the third time under previously undisclosed criteria imposed by an incompetent design.

Other fun things for a designer are being told how to do their jobs by someone who would probably not comprehend how anything in my previous links applies to them — but who would oh, so very much benefit from any slight amount of understanding — and being asked to work for free. To the latter, there is only one reply.

To all those who hire professionals and actually trust them to do their work, THANK YOU. The world needs more of you.