Nintendo Closing Großostheim Headquarters

Look for Nintendo to double-down on 内向き (uchimuki; internal focus) in the future, with an even stronger emphasis on the domestic market to the exclusion of the world market.

It doesn’t take the prognostication talents of Nostradamus to predict this, since it has precedent. One weakness that was repeatedly pointed out in the release of the original Wii was Nintendo’s seeming disinterest in how well their new console was selling overseas. Supply was rarely impacted in Japan, and despite sales that were better than double in North America and Europe compared to Japan’s, they held back on production to the point where some saw it as a marketing tactic. It took 3 years after release for the supply outside Japan to meet the demand. The ramp-up of production was slow and cautious, probably because they didn’t want to get burned if the popularity of the Wii wasn’t sustained.

Globally, the PS4 might be outselling the Wii U, but in Japan, it’s a different story. Nintendo’s sales are phenomenally better in Japan. Considering that with the original Wii the non-Japanese markets were doing everything short of promising sloppy wet blowjobs contingent upon a better supply of consoles and Nintendo’s response was <yawn>, foreigners who love Nintendo games might want to start brushing up on their Japanese now, because it’s a pretty good bet that there will be significantly delayed releases and very short supplies for overseas markets for further Wii U revisions or successor consoles.