Ember Backpack on Kickstarter

If I wasn’t already lusting after a Goruck GR1, I’d be pretty tempted to back this. One thing I especially like is the light-colored interior. I’ve had only one pack with this feature, and it really helps with finding small or dark-colored objects in the depths of the pack. The internal material on my old pack wasn’t as rugged as this looks.

One reservation I have is about the attachable magnetic pockets. From a design standpoint, they’re simple, convenient, and provide a secure attachment for most purposes. They’re a security nightmare, though. While you would probably feel it if someone tried to grab one and run off with it, they’re easy enough to detach that a thief would find it very tempting to do just that. In some of the places I’ve traveled, this pack could have been stripped of its attachments in minutes, possibly without me noticing. A MOLLE attachment system is lower-tech, but more secure.

However, if you’re in the market for a good backpack, and don’t have the same concerns, this would be a good project to back. This looks to be an excellently-designed first product from a new company. Since I first saw the posting, they’ve already made their backing, with 25 days still to go, so you’d essentially be placing a pre-order on a product that will likely cost more later when it goes on sale through retail channels.

(Via Uncrate)