Alamo Drafthouse Texting Policy

Above is a YouTube link for a pre-movie announcement the Alamo Drafthouse made when an angry former patron was ejected for persisting in violating their no texting, no talking policy. (Contains NSFW language; earphones suggested if the tender shell-like ears of colleagues need to be protected). Apparently, even fame doesn’t protect you from the Wrath of League, as no less a personage than Madonna has been “banned” for texting during a movie premiere.

I’ve only had the privilege of viewing one movie at the Drafthouse, but I thought it was a fantastic setup. Draft craft beer, great food you can order from your seat, and a demonstrated commitment to preserving a good movie-going experience creates some serious positive feelings (and made a 3+ hour running time feel much shorter). Just once, and my reaction was: “Every [expletive deleted] movie theater on the [multiple expletives deleted] planet should be like this!”