The Secret of Roman Concrete

“In the middle 20th century, concrete structures were designed to last 50 years, and a lot of them are on borrowed time,” Monteiro says. “Now we design buildings to last 100 to 120 years.” Yet Roman harbor installations have survived 2,000 years of chemical attack and wave action underwater.

I could swear that my high school physics teacher told me something about Roman concrete at least 20 years ago, but apparently the exact process is new news.

Concrete doesn't have to be boring or Brutalist. Coupled with the fabric forming technique I linked to last month, and various techniques for coloring and texturing concrete, builders and architects could create some very interesting structures. The new-old formula means that the forms also could be thinner and therefore visually "lighter" than current concrete allows since the concrete would be stronger and more durable than the current standard.

(HT: @NickHanauer)