Universal Studios Jedi Training Academy Actor Makes Boy's Visit Special

(Via @BadAstronomer)

“He’s autistic.” I choked out. “This is all he’s talked about all day. Is there anything you can do?”

“Meet me around the side there.” You nobly said. Kudos to staying in character the entire time, by the way.

We made our way around to the side of the stage, amid a sea of parents, kids, and cheery cast members.

There you were, waiting all Jedi-like in an alcove. Waiting for Josiah.

You then made a “Grand presentation”…

The performer, whose name she never got, went way beyond what he had to in order to make up for a rain cancellation. He was very thoughtful, very helpful, and deserves any internet kudos he might get, though it's obvious that he wasn't looking for any special recognition.