Gamers Make Decisions Faster

(Via @kgjealy)

"Gamers see the world differently," said Greg Appelbaum, an assistant professor of psychiatry in the Duke School of Medicine. "They are able to extract more information from a visual scene…"

Appelbaum said that with time and experience, the gamer apparently gets better at [making probabilistic inferences]. "They need less information to arrive at a probabilistic conclusion, and they do it faster."

This is very obvious in online games. In real life I'm fast enough to catch flies, but I spend more time looking at a spawn screen than playing in most online matches. Kids who grew up with online games have been in training their whole lives, while I picked up gaming again only in the last several years. I've probably got better physical reflexes, but (judging from my statistics) 8 out of 10 online gamers can hand my virtual ass to me.