Xbox One Revealed

Peter Rubin:

If the show itself isn’t on, a global search will collate all of your options for watching it, from on-demand to streaming services.

This is probably the single biggest usability gripe I've heard about the Apple TV. While it does offer Netflix and Hulu as well as iTunes movies, there's no unified search, and there damn well should be. In entertainment access at least, it looks like Microsoft is ahead of Apple. If the rumored Apple TV is real, they need to do some serious work with Siri integration and make fundamental changes to the core software to integrate what are now disparate parts and to streamline the user interface.

On the other hand, there's this supercut of the keywords of the presentation. If we can make any inferences (and I think we can) what they're targeting with the Xbox One is the same tired media hub idea that they've tried for — and failed at — several times already. Instead of a gaming console, they're making a "does everything" box. Like I wrote earlier, lack of focus can kill.