Overheard: Steven Soderbergh

From his State of Cinema Address:

That’s why I’m spending so much time talking to you about the business and the money, because this is the force that is pushing cinema out of mainstream movies. I’ve been in meetings where I can feel it slipping away, where I can feel that the ideas I’m tossing out, they’re too scary or too weird, and I can feel the thing. I can tell: it’s not going to happen, I’m not going to be able to convince them to do this the way I think it should be done. I want to jump up on the table and scream, “Do you know how lucky we are to be doing this? Do you understand that the only way to repay that karmic debt is to make something good, is to make something ambitious, something beautiful, something memorable?”

(Via FilmComment)

I guess it's no surprise that we keep getting boring predictable movies out of the big studios. It's obvious that people who live and breathe cinema are increasingly upset about this too. Wonder how much longer before anyone with any pretension toward making art gets out of the business and only marginally competent craftsmen remain?