Mainali Eyes Wrongful Imprisonment Suit Against Japan

“After my arrest, booted cops at Shibuya police station kicked me during interrogation and stepped on my toes. They said I came from an uncivilized country and that people from my country came to Japan only to rape, rob and murder,” Mainali, fuming with anger, recounted.

“They tore my clothes, banged by head against the wall, and made me sit for hours on a very tall stool until my legs were swollen.” According to Mainali, he was kept for interrogation from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and then put in a room that had a camera.

“I was unable to sleep because I knew someone was watching me,” he said.

Like I said before, you don't want to get arrested in Japan.

Mainali was arrested in 1997, but in 2000 the Tokyo District Court said that there wasn't conclusive evidence that he was the murderer. (Reading between the lines: probably the only evidence they had was a confession extracted under the conditions he described.) After another reversal by the Tokyo High Court, he was finally set free by [a lack of] DNA evidence tying him to the murder.