99% Invisible’s Kickstarter Campaign

99% Invisible is starting another Kickstarter campaign. They hope to get enough funding to go weekly. The previous campaigns enabled creator Roman Mars to take the project from a tiny show he started in his bedroom, to where it is today, with a better website, a more regular release schedule, and a producer to help him. He didn’t blow through all of the money from the earlier Kickstarter. Those funds helped him expand his scope and produce better shows than he could consider previously. Now, he’s looking to bring everything up to a higher level.

If you have even a slight interest in public radio programs, architecture, design, or good storytelling about tiny odd and interesting things in the world that you’d probably never know about otherwise, you should be listening to this podcast. You might even discover some new music.

You can support the show and enable them to grow to a weekly podcast by kicking in some money on Kickstarter. You can get stuff too, but even donating a few dollars shows that there’s interest in programs like this, and demonstrates a willingness to keep it around for everyone to enjoy. A few of my favorite shows so far have been Heyoon, Bubble Houses, Secret Staircases, and The Zanzibar and Other Building Poems.

Update: In the time between starting this draft earlier today and now, they’ve reached their funding goal. But you can still contribute and give them a buffer, and at the same time give them opportunities to explore previously unattainable areas for storytelling.