Figure Skating

Figure skating is pretty popular in Japan, especially since the current lineup of skaters has done well internationally for the last several years. Asada Mao is my household's favorite. She’s graceful, poised, and elegant. Every move she makes looks like ballet. Her only real fault is inconsistency in competition, and some of that is due to some changes they made in the rules about blade position in takeoff for jumps. Ando Miki on the other hand, is awkward in between jumps, which are her only real strong point. Even there, she’s not that great. The first time I saw her skate, she fell down and injured her shoulder. She seemed to always be injured, which made me suspect she was using injuries — real or imagined — as an excuse for not doing well.

She also has the costuming and makeup taste of a bar hostess. Wait, no, I think the bar girls have more restraint. I remarked once that she should quit skating so she can start her real job: giving soap-jobs to construction workers. I even started calling her あの女 (crude: that woman) whenever she was skating.

My wife’s response? “You’re so mean! You’re definitely part of the family.”